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We are Sienna and Emilee. Two girls growing up in the pacific northwest amidst a beautiful sea of trees. We started the blog to document a special adventure in our lives that we spontaneously took this summer. We were friends before but our true friendship really blossomed out of this trip. We both share a love for nature, photography, vintage, fashion, crafts, DIY's, and of course adventures. Even though our journey has come to an end we plan on keeping this blog alive with posts about the things we love and encounter in our day to day lives.

Feel free to ask us any further questions via comments or e-mail we would love to hear from you.
We hope you enjoy our blog!

Sienna and Emilee

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  1. What a fun site, ladies! I love your photography and your spirit of adventure. I came to this site by googling "Gumby at the Oregon Country Fair." I have a VERY close friendship with Gumby, in fact so close I know where his little green converse and Gumby tie are closeted now. I appreciate the picture! Keep writing, girls! The world needs more fun and adventurous spirits like you! Here are a couple of sites of my own:



    Take care!