Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am huge fan when it comes to gingham. There is something so playful about the simple two toned pattern. Shorts, dresses, aprons, table cloths, you name it; if its gingham I love it! Here are some inspiring photos of the timeless pattern.

1.This super cute old photo. A long line of ladies in gingham.

2. One of the best things about gingham is it comes in almost every color. 
I love this 1950's sailor-esque gingham dress I found on etsy from Lolanyevintage

3. Adorable gingham party print out set found here on etsy.

4. No gingham post would be complete without a picnic set. find this one here. of my very favorite ways to wear gingham is on a western style button up shirt like this one i found here. I just scored one while we were down in LA, it should be making an appearance here on the blog pretty soon.

So long,
Sienna and Emilee

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Through my last two years of high school I was really into film photography, and doing fashion shoots with my friends as models. I typically liked to do shoots that were on the darker side, or just weird.
For some reason that I'm still not sure of, I stopped photographing completely, and would only occasionally go into the school dark room to print from old negatives, and would soon become bored and stop again for an extended period of time. I never really tried to find inspiration for getting back into photographing, and would say I want to start shooting again, and then not make the effort.
I guess sometimes you have to let the inspiration come to you. Yesterday I was casually browsing flickr when I came across a wonderful shoot done by Alexandra Banti with her model Anne-Claire Bietzer.

Seeing these photos made me instantly want to start shooting again, and gave me all kinds of ideas for props and outfits. I can't wait to get my hands on a camera, and smell the darkroom chemicals again! 

Stay posted, and I may have some photos, old and new up, and check out the rest of Alexandra's photos at ! She has a knack for it, and drawing as well!

So long,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fishing, Fire, and a Man Named Feathers.

Apart from an entire fair during the day, night has another event to attend. Enjoying neighbor's company! This may consist of holding a flashlight for your neighbor, or holding a beer for your neighbor. At least when your neighbor is a man named Feathers that insists on being your close friend.

But once we parted ways from Feathers, we found some very interesting people....

Glow-stick people! I like to think it's a princess and her frog prince!

"Sienna! You have to take a picture of me by this jellyfish!"

The night was chalk full of glow-sticks and light up decorations for us to walk around and observe, as well as all of the people.

So long, Sienna and Emilee

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Day at the Fair

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If you want to visit a beautiful place full of color, and no judgements, take a trip to Oregon in mid July.

The fair is a wonderful place straight out of a fantastical movie. It's magical.

Gumby and some Dandelions making their appearances.

The typical fair attitude.

So long,
Sienna and Emilee

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oregon Country Fair: Part 1

On the first night after being inside the fair all day, we went to a fire show in the parking lot. Whoever said dragons don't exist has never been to the Oregon Country Fair. It's a magical land where nothing is real, but everything exists.

We also came across a school bus filled with psychedelic lights on our way back through the parking lot. Oh! And the bus also housed a band that goes from town to town picking people up and taking them on a ride while they play music! 

You're either on the bus, or you're off the bus,
Sienna and Emilee

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ah, Home. (sort of)

 After an excruciatingly long 14 hours of Sienna at the wheel we finally returned back to Eugene. The drive home was full of Red-bull, five hour energy, massive swarms of HUGE bugs, loud music, and lots of car games to keep up moral. We left at midnight and powered through the night making it home before sunset the next day. 

You may wonder, why the heck we were in such a hurry to cut our lifetime adventure short and get home so quick. We reached the point in our trip where we needed to move on to the next leg of it, our options being to head further south and attempt to camp along the beaches, or head home to our much missed home state and attend the Oregon Country Fair. Going to the fair is a huge thing for anyone who grew up in our home town, and camping there was something both of us had yet to do. So when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at the chance to go. 

Not to mention Sienna was anxious to get home and see this guy. Her boyfriend, Joey, who was eagerly awaiting her return.

Arriving at the fair after such a long journey was a little overwhelming. After a confusing fit of trying to figure out our camp site, we tucked in for a night of much needed sleep in order to fuel the days of madness that lay ahead.

So long,
Sienna and Emilee

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We drove and drove then drove some more

We brought our trip to a close earlier than expected. All it took was two weeks for us to realize California was not where we wanted to be. We missed Oregon.

 In hopes of avoiding traffic we left around midnight and drove through the night, through the sunrise, and through most of the next day. 

We drove and drove and drove.

We drove through Coalinga, which is probably the smelliest most awful place in the world. The sea of wall to wall cows made Emilee swear off beef. (Have you smelled that place?!) We drove through the dust bowl and saw all of the sad dead trees in need of water. The trip down I-5 is a lot less exciting then the coastline. This time we were more interested in getting home then pretty scenery.

So long, 
Sienna and Emilee

Monday, August 6, 2012

Those nights with no expectations...

Back at Johnny and Claudia's for our very last night in California! Well, other than the entire night spent driving home...

What we expected to be just a night hanging out and talking, and then going to bed turned into another karaoke song fest, along with pool and darts!

Claudia telling Emilee how badly she is going to school her at darts.
Like right here.
Johnny was really feeling the groove, and standing just wasn't doing it for him.

This entire silly night was started when their neighbors, Ryan and JoBeth, showed up to go for a walk, but a small party ensued instead!

So long, Sienna and Emilee

Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Matador State Beach

On one of our last few days we visited El Matador state beach and caught some breathtaking scenery.

Path down to the beach overlooking the ocean.

First we had to take in the stunning cliffs and massive rocks along the coastline, but once the sun was too much, we couldn't resist jumping in the large, warm waves that were entirely different from what us Oregon girls are used to.

Drying off after getting tossed around in the waves.

Backpacks and Birkenstocks.

One fairly entertaining part of our visit to this particular beach was that there were models and photographers snapping photos in the crashing waves by the large rocks. ANTM? Probably not.

Fun with Funyuns!
If you are ever in the Malibu area, and want to go to a great, not over-populated beach go to El Matador! It's so pretty and very relaxing.
So long, Sienna and Emilee