Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day: Don't know, but it was really fun.

Outside the theatre when we saw Savages there was a great Katy Perry display, and we finally got to live the dream, if only for a few seconds!
Living in Katy Perry's world, for once!

But really the fun started when we went out to the Santa Monica Promenade with the lovely Lauren and always beautiful Chrissy. We walked around most of the night watching small street acts, and browsing shops open late.
We also ended up getting a free plate of fries at a Greek cafe, and Sienna got a really cute pair of flowered heels. FREE!
But in all reality, the most fun was had taking photos in the bathroom for a solid chunk of the night. What else are girls to do on a traveler's budget?
Snoozin' on the Promenade.

One of our more fashionable nights of the trip, I'd say.
So long, Sienna and Emilee

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