Monday, July 9, 2012

day: Four-th of July!

Okay so we are a little bit behind...but thats good right? less time on the computer more time for fun and picture taking. We spent our fourth weaving in and out of people trying to make our way across the Santa Monica pier. The day was a bit more overcast then the rest but thankfully it cleared up just in time for fireworks.
A flower within a flower??
One of the best parts of the pier is all the little vendors who have set up camp in hopes of turning their craft into a profit. This man made things from wood. Isn't this wooden bicycle gorgeous?!
Another amazing thing is the street art and decorative buildings. Check out this gorilla and gargoyle infested building. Imagine if they were all to come to life at night. Either super awesome, or totally scary. Im gonna go with awesome.
Can you even imagine how long this would take? geez

back with more fireworks later.

So long, Sienna and Emilee

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