Monday, July 9, 2012

day: Four-th of July (continued)

 So we ended up getting stuck behind a tree for the fire works show..serious bummer, but not bad enough to put a damper on the night. As we sat and enjoyed the fire works some tunes were sounding from a neighbors ihome. Do you ever have those creepy moments when the perfect song comes on at the perfect time? I always take it as a sign or a good omen when that happens. Almost every song this group played meant something to us, you cant really ask for a better setting to enjoy fire works in if you ask me.

Once the fire works were all over we went to get some frozen yogurt when we heard the resonating sound of a flute echoing from across the parking lot. Naturally we followed the noise and found this homeless looking man standing outside of the grocery store. We were soon to discover he was not indeed homeless and his name was Charlie. He played us a few patriotic tunes before he broke out the big guns and started playing two flutes at once. We were so impressed we asked to get a photo with him. He then took out his cellphone and snapped a photo of us. (This was when we realized he was not homeless, just a little crazy.)

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and ate lots of BBQed goodies.

So Long, Sienna and Emilee

p.s. The girl on the far right is my friend chrissy who we have been staying with for the past week. Thanks for everything lady.

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  1. Wow I look really lame.
    You're welcome for everything!

    Loved having you ladies. You both are beautiful inside and out.