Thursday, August 9, 2012

We drove and drove then drove some more

We brought our trip to a close earlier than expected. All it took was two weeks for us to realize California was not where we wanted to be. We missed Oregon.

 In hopes of avoiding traffic we left around midnight and drove through the night, through the sunrise, and through most of the next day. 

We drove and drove and drove.

We drove through Coalinga, which is probably the smelliest most awful place in the world. The sea of wall to wall cows made Emilee swear off beef. (Have you smelled that place?!) We drove through the dust bowl and saw all of the sad dead trees in need of water. The trip down I-5 is a lot less exciting then the coastline. This time we were more interested in getting home then pretty scenery.

So long, 
Sienna and Emilee

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