Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Matador State Beach

On one of our last few days we visited El Matador state beach and caught some breathtaking scenery.

Path down to the beach overlooking the ocean.

First we had to take in the stunning cliffs and massive rocks along the coastline, but once the sun was too much, we couldn't resist jumping in the large, warm waves that were entirely different from what us Oregon girls are used to.

Drying off after getting tossed around in the waves.

Backpacks and Birkenstocks.

One fairly entertaining part of our visit to this particular beach was that there were models and photographers snapping photos in the crashing waves by the large rocks. ANTM? Probably not.

Fun with Funyuns!
If you are ever in the Malibu area, and want to go to a great, not over-populated beach go to El Matador! It's so pretty and very relaxing.
So long, Sienna and Emilee

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