Friday, August 10, 2012

Ah, Home. (sort of)

 After an excruciatingly long 14 hours of Sienna at the wheel we finally returned back to Eugene. The drive home was full of Red-bull, five hour energy, massive swarms of HUGE bugs, loud music, and lots of car games to keep up moral. We left at midnight and powered through the night making it home before sunset the next day. 

You may wonder, why the heck we were in such a hurry to cut our lifetime adventure short and get home so quick. We reached the point in our trip where we needed to move on to the next leg of it, our options being to head further south and attempt to camp along the beaches, or head home to our much missed home state and attend the Oregon Country Fair. Going to the fair is a huge thing for anyone who grew up in our home town, and camping there was something both of us had yet to do. So when the opportunity presented itself, we jumped at the chance to go. 

Not to mention Sienna was anxious to get home and see this guy. Her boyfriend, Joey, who was eagerly awaiting her return.

Arriving at the fair after such a long journey was a little overwhelming. After a confusing fit of trying to figure out our camp site, we tucked in for a night of much needed sleep in order to fuel the days of madness that lay ahead.

So long,
Sienna and Emilee

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  1. Lovely pictures, looks like a really great time :)