Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am huge fan when it comes to gingham. There is something so playful about the simple two toned pattern. Shorts, dresses, aprons, table cloths, you name it; if its gingham I love it! Here are some inspiring photos of the timeless pattern.

1.This super cute old photo. A long line of ladies in gingham.

2. One of the best things about gingham is it comes in almost every color. 
I love this 1950's sailor-esque gingham dress I found on etsy from Lolanyevintage

3. Adorable gingham party print out set found here on etsy.

4. No gingham post would be complete without a picnic set. find this one here. of my very favorite ways to wear gingham is on a western style button up shirt like this one i found here. I just scored one while we were down in LA, it should be making an appearance here on the blog pretty soon.

So long,
Sienna and Emilee

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  1. So retro, so classic, so beautiful!

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